AR Cube
Augmented Reality Rubik's Cube

Solve the Rubik's cube in under a minute using augmented reality. Even if you've never solved the cube before, you can solve it in about 1 or 2 minutes. Just hold the cube under the camera and arrows will be painted on the stickers to let you know how to turn the cube.

Built using multiple neural networks and GPU optimizations to give a smooth real-time experience.

An iPhone exclusive

Click here to get the app from the iOS app store (summer 2018).

Support and suggestions:
Rubik's Cube
The Offical App for iOS

I created a wonderful app but due to copyright protections I had to license it to a publisher who in turn ruined the app with ad banners, forced ad videos, and a slew of uninspiring in-app-purchases that made the app essentially unusable. I gave up trying to fight big corporation and had the app removed from the store.

TV Commerical from Apple

Before the app was ruined by the publisher, Apple loved it and put it in their 2013 TV commerical "Brilliant"

R.I.P. 2010 - 2015